Women love Tom Ford

3 Jan

Tom Ford is back with Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011.   Gimme a hell ya!

It has mysterious hats, sunglasses, very open necklines, body hugging long dresses and above all lots and lots of GLAMOUR.


Un/real Art

21 Aug

Dutch surrealist painter Chris Berens has incredible imagination and skillz, a real master of art.  Always happy to support a fellow Dutchman!

Poutastic Simon

18 Aug

Most women would get surgically enhanced to have a pout like this.  Perfect pout, perfect squint, perfect hair, perfect jawline….wait, I forgot what I was thinking about. Dayum! 

Simon Nessman for Blanco Fall 2010 Campaign -The Fashionisto

Model Watch: Jeanne

12 Aug

E-D-G-E  with an Andro flavour.

Keep an eye on this one, Jeanne Bouchard is here to stay!!! 

ps: Can I scout one like this soon? please please please

Iris Fun Fact #6 – Hop Hop Hop, Holland Lop

11 Aug


What animal do I love the most?  The cutest, the most cuddly thang EVA!!!!

You’ve been Tushé’d – Part deux

13 Jul

Oh hey!  I know it’s been a while since my interview but I’ve been gettin’ ova the trauma.  I’m back to normal now and totally relieved to be making money, finally!

Let me tell you what happened.

When I got to Tushe, I thought I was at the wrong place.  Outside, it looked like a candy shop right out of Hansel & Gretel.  Inside, it was more like 50 cent’s Candy Shop.

Play this & read on:

The store was full of colour and strange looking gadgets.  I went to the back where the receptionist was (nametag: Daffy).

Daffy: “You here for the interview?  Iris, right?”

Me: “Ya, das right.   Do you know who’s gonna interview me?”

Daffy: ” It’ll be Madame Tushé, the boss. I’ll let her know you’re here.  Hold up, I have to get this call.”

Madame Tushé? Is that like a Madame, as in…Uh Oh!
It’s all startin to make sense.  Like CSI with dat S&M stuff yo.
Explains Daffy’s heavy breathing on the phone…talking to customers no doubt with that tone.
How do I get out of this now?  Dayum, here’s Madame Tushé! She’s lookin vile….SMILE!

Tushé: “Hello, Iris Eerees.  Weeeeeellcome to Tushé.”

Am I at Cheers? Everyone here knows my name. Maybe I’m the only candidate.

Me:” Thanks.  This is a nice place (o_O) here.  I’m looking forward to showin you what I can do.” (doh, why’d I say it like that?)

Tushé: “Yes, I can sense you have many skills.  Let’s have a seat and discuss your qualifications.”

Me (gulp): “Great!”

After the rapid fire questioning, she took me on a tour of the shop.  Seein’ those gadgets up close was a bit….hmm, didnt the ad say something about demos? no no, people who come here know how to use ’em I’m sure!  If I had common sense I would turn and run but when you gotta survive, you gotta do what you gotta do. I can tell, it sure won’t be boring working here either.  I might even learn a thing or two, like what the heck goes on at the back!

Tushé: “Now that you’ve seen our operation, I hope you are still interested. I think you will find the work, challenging. You can become a client consultant later if you wish.”

Smile and nod, smile and nod.

Tushé: “You can start tomorrow, yes?”

Me: “Oh yaaaaa. For sure!”

Tushé: “Do you have any questions for me?”

I had to think for a sec but…

Me: “Madame Tushé, I’m just curious.  How can I say this? um, so d’you get some of dat carrot thang?”

Tushé: “Dahling, I’m a vegetarian.”

Iris Fun Fact #5 – Rootin’ for the Orange!

11 Jun

Yes! I’m watching the World Cup South Africa. 

Go Netherlands! …too bad Sweden didn’t make it =(